"My goal is to help you with your goal. I help women and men who are shy, possibly obese, opposed to crowded gyms and make them feel and become fit, healthy and happier people; to bring them into an environment without intimidation or judgment placed on them due to size, condition or age.  I will make you realize you are empowered."

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My passion for boxing created this 2400 sq ft gym which I owned for 5 years.  It provided the ultimate in training and conditioning  for boxing/kick boxing from novice to the experienced and anything in between.  I am now taking in clients at Hollister Boxing & Fitness, 320 Hillcrest Rd Hollister, CA 95023‎
(831) 636-5500  Give me a call at 831-917-2337
Alesia Graf 2 time World 
Champion from Germany

see the video of Alesia training at the gym

article about Alesia Graf from the Monterey Herald
Carina Moreno 
4 time World Champion
from Watsonville
Read the article from the Monterey Herald
Why Box?  Read this ESPN article, it will amaze you.
See the video from the Jammin 97.9 Kick Ass Kicking Class Promotion in 2009
Ruth Kristensen
Owner Pacific Coast Boxing
Saturday Boot Camp
Flo 70 years old
Congratulations to Alex Valdez for winning his first MMA fight vs Nate Garcia at the Chicken Ranch Casino March 2nd 2013.  He won with a TKO in the 3rd round.  He trained long and hard and it showed.  Very exciting fight and a well deserved win.  Click here to view the pictures or click on any of the pictures above.  View the YouTube video of his fight.
Alex Valdez Winner!
Thursday night Sparring
On Saturday, at the Kaijin MMA Santa Cruz for the Pauly Silva Memorial Tournament, Ron Laton, visiting from Alaska competed and won.  Ron, is working out at Pacific Coast Boxing and decided to enter.  Congratulations Ron.  
Left to right Mario, Ron and Ruth
Winner after 3 rounds, Ron Laton!
Round 1
Ruth giving advice to Ron
Ruth talking with Carina Moreno and Rick Noble
Round 2
Ruth giving the intro for the escape/evade self defense course for the employees at the Monterey Aquarium.
Learning how to kick.
Self defense
Ruth with Jack the dummy.
April 20th 2013 Escape and Evade/ Self-Defense 3 hour course at Pacific Coast Boxing.  All the ladies from the Monterey Aquarium learned how to physically escape from an attacker and gain confidence.
 On behalf of Pacific Coast Boxing we congratulate Jason on his unbelievable journey of losing over 100 lbs!  He did it through hard work, dedication and boxing.  He deserves good health and happiness of achieving what 10's of thousands of Americans try everyday and that is too lose weight.  The above pictures are Jason on the left at 329 lbs and  and on the right 228 lbs. but he has surpassed his goal of losing 100 lbs this week Sept 9th 2013.  His first goal was to break 300 lbs and then 275 lbs and then the final goal of losing 100 lbs.  His ultimate goal was to lose weight for a trip to Maui in Oct.  Great job Jason!!! Hard work and perseverance is your ethos, now enjoy the beach! 

Click here to view his blog 
and his workout video.  
Click here to view Mario Geronimo 
page and his last fight at the Chicken 
Ranch Casino
12/1/12 weighed in 329 lbs
             blood pressure 145/?
1/16/13 weigh in 309 lbs
1/27/13 weigh in 307.9 lbs
1/24/13 up to 18 pushups
1/28/13 up to 27 pushups
1/30/13 up to 30 pushups
1/30/13 started situp program, initial
test did 10 situps
1/31/13 up to 37 pushups
1/31/13 blood pressure 122/77
2/3/13 weigh in 307.1 lbs
2/4/13 up to 29 situps
2/9/13 up to 35 situps
2/10/13 weigh in 305.9
2/17/13 weigh in 303
2/23/13 did bootcamp for 1.5 hours
2/24/13 weigh in 301.8
3/02/13 weigh in 297 
            lbs breaking the 300 lb     
3/10/13 weigh in at 295. congrats!
3/17/13 1 more pound lost at 294
3/24/13 weigh in 290 lbs. Awesome.
3/31/13 weigh in 288 lbs.
4/7/13 weigh in 284 lbs. 45 lbs!!!!!!
​4/15/13 weigh in 282.2 46.8 lbs.
4/21/13 weigh in 280.2 unbelievable!
5/5/13 weigh in 276.8 closing in on 
5/17/13 weigh in 270.3 blew by 275!
6/2/13 weigh in 266.2 lbs.
6/9/13 weigh in 263.5 lbs another 2.7
6/16/13 unbelievable 259.2 lbs!!!!!!
6/23/13 keeps on coming 257.7 lbs :)
6/30/13 weigh in 255.2 lbs
7/7/13 Weigh in 250 lbs. He met is 
           goal. His original goal was 
           250 lbs by October.He is 5 
           months ahead of schedule!
7/14/13 Weigh in 248.8, unbelievable
7/19/13 Weigh in 247.4 awesome!
8/11/13 Weigh in 237.7 lbs, YES!
8/18/13 Weigh in 235 only 6 lbs to
             go  and Jason has lost 100 
8/25/13 Weigh in 233.7 
9/1/13   Weigh in 232.3 lbs
9/8/13   Weigh in 228.1 lbs